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The specialities

Venez déguster les spécialités locales

La fondue savoyarde

The essential ingredient of a fondue is Beaufort cheese, the king of Gruyeres; our fondue is made exclusively with this, and with Savoyard white wine, which makes it lighter, tastier, and more easily digestible.

La raclette

This dish, staple of the woodcutters of the area, consists of toasted cheese which melts over baked potatoes.  It is accompanied by local ham.

La tartiflette

« In tartiflette we trust »..…A gratin of peeled and sliced potatoes with diced bacon and onions, covered with melted reblochon cheese. The dish is served with salad and cold meats.

La pierre de la ferme

On a hot stone, each person cooks their own meat to their own taste and at their own pace. Potatoes and salad make a complete meal.

Les crozets

A savoyard speciality of buckwheat pasta, rolled flat and then cut into shape with a mincer. They are then boiled, before being fried with diced bacon, a hint of cream and a little Beaufort. The pasta is then served as a gratin, with cold meat and salad.

Le chapeau tartare

Each person hooks and cooks slices of meat on the pointed ridges of a conical hat, which stands on a vegetable soup that becomes richer during the cooking. Accompanied by potatoes, salad, and sauces.