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The cellar

To sample a good bottle of wine after skiing ... isn’t that a wonderful idea ?

We have furnished our cellar from dedicated winegrowers who have created wines which best represent their region and their distinctive soil; family businesses which produce local/typical wines, distinctive wines, superior wines, all tempting to taste. France is a country where each region invites us to discover the richness and limitless nuance of its wines.

Vin de Savoie

The first Savoyard vines were planted around 400BC and make this one of the most ancient wine regions of France. The appellation//domain name was granted in 1973, mainly on account of the white wines which account for 70% of production. The best-known grapes are Jacquere, Apremont, Chignin Bergeron, Abyme and Cruet, while Rousette and Chardonnay produce a fruitier wine. These wines go very well with//are ideally suited to the flavours of our regional dishes. The red grapes, with Mondeuse the most rooted in the region, yield a characteristic and peppery wine.

Vin de Bordeaux

The largest wine-growing area in France, and cradle of its most distinguished wines. Medocs come from the north, Sauternes and Graves from the south, while St Emilions come from the east.

Vin de Bourgogne

A very defined area, with two grapes, Chardonnay and Pinot. The admixture of chalk, clay and granite in the soil, as well as the favourable climatic conditions for the ripening of the grape, result in wines of great renown.

Vin de la vallée du Rhône

The best bottles from the Cotes du Rhone have a very distinctive character. They can reach sublime heights; indeed, their long-standing reputation and the variousness of their appeal have made them the stuff of legend.

Vin du Beaujolais

C'These are among our most popular wines, easily maintaining their distinctness; hence perhaps the favourite of the house. The Gamay grape (used exclusively) flourishes as nowhere else, rooting remarkably in the granite soil of the region. It reveals all its potential here, providing for wines that range from light and fruity to those basking in a superb violet colour. Red Beaujolais is the most natural accompaniment to Savoyard cuisine.